Tile-Grout-cleaning-V2Tile and grout cleaning

We provide a variety of services for you – our premier service is restroom deep cleaning services. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And that comes in writing.

You’ll notice that we basically deep clean restrooms.  We don’t offer floor mats, document shredding, uniforms, dish washing dispensing systems, etc. on top of the great cleaning service we have and that’s for a reason.


  • Restroom Deep Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout cleaning in other areas of your business
  • Ceilings

When a company branches out to all kinds of different businesses it tends to loose focus of the core and the client gets mediocre service; not what they thought they were paying for.

You can go to my competitors and get all that they offer but you won’t get a clean restroom like you will with us.  We are the best because it’s the only thing we do.  Think about it, if we don’t do 1 thing really well we won’t be in business very long.  We’ve been at this since 2004 and still going strong.

Don’t believe me?  Invite a competitor in to clean one restroom then have us in to do the other.  We will clean the other restroom and still pull a lot out of the one they did.  We have quite an impressive process that the competition would love to know how to do.  Nobody can match what we do. Our restroom deep cleaning services are second to none.

Features and Benefits

High-pressure cleaning

Easy daily maintenance

Better cleanliness

Removes odor-causing bacteria

Peace of mind

Happy customers

Before & After Photos

Just use your cursor (or finger on mobile) to drag the arrows left and right to see the before and after shots.

Deep Clean Solutions - Clean tapsDeep Clean Solutions - Clean taps

Schedule a FREE Demo Cleaning

We will come into your business and deep clean one of your restrooms at no obligation to you.  You will be amazed at what we will clean out of your restrooms!